Women’s attitude towards adult sex dolls online

The data shows that the average female purchaser also has a male doll for the silicone female doll sale online while purchasing the female silicone doll. For them, buying a silicone doll is the same as buying a Barbie doll. They will dress up for the female doll and enjoy it.

In fact, a large percentage of people who buy real adult sex dolls online are willing to treat them as real people, not just for their own sexual experience. Some of them share a lot of dolls with their husbands, and most of them enrich their daily lives.

However, for some feminist ideologists, they believe that female playsyl unique sex dolls are materialized for women, and they are afraid to compare one day with female sex dolls. Because of materializing women, they ignore their emotions and thoughts. Women seem to be seen more as a tool of libido. A realistic sex doll is an object, but, more specifically, they are objects that can be owned. Usually, they are similar to the existence of female individuals, so it is difficult to say that they are not materialized female images. They can be designed by the owner to look like any, and this phenomenon also expresses the social attitude of society.

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In fact, it is not a strange thing to establish emotional connections with objects. Think about your iPhone. You hold it in your hand every day, and when you talk, you will put it in your ear, undeniably become a part of your body’s tight connection, and become an extension of your body.

Going back to the topic of sex: the silicone or TPE sex doll itself is a derivative of the relationship between men and women. But it is also a non-negligible existence.

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